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Regular Complete Pool Service



Don't want the stress of looking after the pool then our complete pool service will take care of the lot.  Pleases note a one of Complete clean is $75 plus chems

Our Regular Complete package will look after your pool once a month at a cheaper service rate and will cover:

  • Test and Balance of your water ( Chemicals are a additional charge)

  • Clean your filter. (we wont charge extra if it is a cartridge filter that needs cleaning)

  • Clean your salt cell if required.

  • Clean your pool cleaner  (applies to robotic cleaners)

  • Check all equipment is running correctly.

  • Clean out your skimmer basket

  • Clean out the hair lint pump basket.

  • Check and grease o'rings found on pumps,filters and chlorinators when needed

  • We check for stains

  • We check for calcium leaching. 

  • Check gates close

  • CPR sign up to date

  • Brush water line

  • Scoop leaves

  • Vacuum pool 

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