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Pool Handover 


You have just bought your first home with a pool or spa and your looking at it wondering what to do? Or  has it been a long time since you have had one?

 Then a handover service is just the thing to help you get the right information on your pool and its systems. 

What is a pool handover ?

You will have a trained technician at your home and will guide and explain to you how your pool / spa works and how to best take care of it.

What will the technician go though with me ?

You will be shown the basics of how the pool works from skimmer box to the returns  

You will be shown how your pool equipment works 

pool chemistry to keep your better at its best quality 

will give you a guide on your pool safety (this is not the pool safety certificate)

How to clean your pool and how to maintain it. 

What maintenance needs to be carried out. 

We can cover your heating options and how it works.

And also the tips and tricks to get the best of your pool.

How long will this take?

It is up to you on how much you want to know, however on averaged we recommend you allow an hour for this visit. 

Will they clean my pool while they are here?

It is not part of the handover service, if you wish your pool to be serviced we will need to know when you book it. (this allows to schedule or technicians enough time to get the work done.  There is also an extra service fee for time do service but at a reduce price of $40 normally $60. Please note that any chemicals used will also inure an extra fee.  

Anything I need to know first?

Don't panic, you may feel that it is a lot of information to take in but don't worry. We are here to take your calls or emails to help you go over anything your not sure about. 

We suggest having a pad and pen to take down some notes.

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