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  • TDS levels at record lows (800-1000ppm)

  • Slimline power pack for easy installation

  • Easy to use, multi-function digital display

  • Reverse polarity self cleaning cell

  • Unique custom designed snap-lock OXI & ION plugs

  • One button winter mode function

  • Designed and engineered by one of Australia's leading manufacturers

  • Adaptable to work with external automation solutions

  • Precise touch pad and time clock control

  • Variable OXI and ION control to suit any environment

  • Pump protection - auto cut off

  • Single button OXI Boost feature with variable running time

  • Electrodes constructed from highest grade titanium for longer life

  • One size unit suitable for pools up to 150,000 Litres

  • Suitable for concrete, fibreglass, vinyl and tiled pools

  • Internal temperature control reducing internal heat for longevity

  • Digital interface with simple navigation

  • Automatically customised to the size of your pool & spa

  • Intelligent backwash mode steps you through the process from start to finish

  • Versatile cell housing for horizontal or vertical orientation

  • Pulse Width Modulation for smooth and controlled output

  • Dual timer for both sanitisation and circulation of pool water

  • Retrofit any existing pool or spa

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