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Pre Purchase Inspection


Looking at purchasing a home with a pool? 

Safety certificates will cover the fence and pool gates, but what about the rest of the pool?

Our pre-purchase inspection will be a simple report that covers aspects of the pool.


We look for the following 

  • General pool wear on the coping surface, tiles, surrounds

  • skimmer box cover and basket

  • the pool cleaner is in working condition

  • the pool pump is in working condition

  • the pool filter is in working condition

  • pool sanitiser is in working condition

  • Look for stains in the pool 

  • Look for calcium leaching in the pool 

  • CPR sign is current (should be covered in safety certificate)

  • pool gates self-close (should be covered in safety certificate)

  • Pool Lights in working condition

  • check safety suctions if installed / pool heating lines

  • check pool heating (does not cover getting on the roof if the solar system is fitted. We can organize solar heating manufacture to do an inspection of the system at an extra cost paid to them)

  • check any other pool equipment that is fitted.

If you are present at inspection we will show you any concerns and what options you have, as well as giving you a cost of any repairs or replacements that may be required.

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