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Fluidra and Pool Controls settle over mineral patent dispute

Pool Controls’ XLS Minerals have been withdrawn from sale in the Australian market after a settlement was reached between Pool Controls and Fluidra Australia.

Fluidra is the registered owner of the MagnaPool Minerals brand and various patents relating to this product, following the merger with Zodiac. Zodiac Group Australia had procured the MagnaPool brand from Poolrite in 2013 as the foundering company’s assets were divested.

Fluidra said in a statement that after discovering Pool Controls was selling a product (under the brand “XLS minerals”) which infringed a MagnaPool patent, they wrote to them requiring them to stop.

In response, Pool Controls agreed to cease manufacturing its XLS minerals product and they also agreed not to sell any existing stock after 20 August 2020.

Pool Controls confirmed that it reached a mutual settlement with Fluidra; and added that it had made a counter claim relating to the validity of the patent. Both parties dropped their respective claims, and Pool Controls agreed to cease production and sale of the XLS mineral blend.

Pool Controls confirmed they have ceased manufacturing the current mineral salt blend known as XLS Minerals and that it is no longer available, while pointing out that the terms of the settlement do not extend to independent customers who have remnant stock, nor to other Pool Control products.

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